Club History

Plymstock Bowling Club was founded in 1936 by four enthusiastic male bowlers who leased the ground, and after recruiting about 33 members, they built the Green and the Clubhouse.

The original clubhouse stood for 47 years gradually being enlarged and improved, eventually housing a kitchen and a sun lounge.  Most of the money was raised from the members by the way of interest free loans.  The original lease expired in 1951, and was renewed for a further 15 years, and a fund was raised to buy the freehold, but a Mrs Bootyman, the widow of one of the founders, bought the land as a gift for the club in memory of her husband with a proviso, that if the club was disbanded, the land should revert to the local authority for recreation purposes.

The present clubhouse was built in 1984. It has since been improved and extended, and is looked after by a Maintenance Teams, made up of some of the members.

The Green was maintained by the members and various specialists until 1984, at which time a full time green keeper was employed.

Since then it has reverted back to being looked after by the members under the direction of the Green Marshall, with some specialist help as required.  The Green and clubhouse are much admired by visiting teams.

The Men’s section plays in the local leagues, national, and county competitions.  They also play in club competitions and friendly mixed games jointly with the ladies.

The Ladies section was started in 1947 with 15 ladies playing Tuesday/Thursday afternoons only, and since it was formed, has produced four county presidents, and has recently celebrated its diamond jubilee.  Now the ladies take part in the local leagues, and national and county competitions, as well as club competitions and mixed friendly games, with the men, against other local and touring bowling clubs.